Ph.D. students and postdocs

I was gratified to receive the campus-wide Graduate Mentoring Award in 2020. To find more information about my broader “academic family,” visit my genealogy entry.


in alphabetical order

Bethany Austhof
Ph.D. in Mathematics, in progress
Xing Gao
Ph.D. in Mathematics, in progress (co-advised with Yu Cheng)
Thomas Maranzatto
Ph.D. in Mathematics, in progress
Duan Tu
Ph.D. in Mathematics, in progress


in reverse chronological order

Saeed Hajizadeh
Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2023
"Large-scale Minimax Optimization Problems"

current position: Visiting Faculty at Roosevelt University
(Roosevelt was Saeed's first employer after UIC.)
Neshat Mohammadi
Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2022 (co-advised with Anastasios Sidiropoulos)
"Geometric Algorithms for Metric and Graph Learning"

current position: Researcher at Truveta
first position: Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University in Medicine
Aditya Potukuchi
Research Assistant Professor (postdoc), 2020 -- 2022 (co-mentored with Will Perkins)
discrete mathematics, probability theory, analysis of algorithms, coding theory, data science

current position: Assistant Professor at York University in Electr. Eng. and Comp. Sci.
(York University was Aditya's first employer after UIC.)
Shelby Heinecke
Ph.D. Mathematics, 2020
"Resilient Structures and Robust Machine Learning Algorithms"

current position: Senior Research Manager at Salesforce
(Salesforce was Shelby's first employer after UIC.)
Mano Vikash Janardhanan
Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2019
"Algorithms for Learning Networks and Learning from Networks"

current position: Quantitative Researcher in Balyasny Asset Management
first position: Applied Research Scientist at Lifion by ADP
Benjamin Fish
Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2018
"New Models and Algorithms for Data Analysis"

current position: Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan in Comp. Sci. and Eng.
first position: Postdoctoral Researcher at MSR Montréal and the Mila-Quebec AI Institute
Yi Huang
Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2017
"Problems in Learning under Limited Resources and Information"

current position: Research Associate at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Comput. Sci.
first position: Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Chicago in Medicine
Ádám D. Lelkes
Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2017 (co-advised with György Turán)
"Algorithms and Complexity Results for Big Data"

current position: Senior Software Engineer at Google Research
(Google Research was Ádám's first employer after UIC.)
Li Wang
Research Assistant Professor (postdoc), 2015 -- 2017
mathematical optimization, tensors, large-data, machine learning

current position: Associate Professor at University of Texas at Arlington in Mathematics
(UT Arlington was Li's first employer after UIC.)
Jeremy Kun
Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2016
"Graphs, New Models, and Complexity"

current position: Staff Software Engineer at Google
first position: Bitcoin Protocol Engineer at 21 Inc.