Ph.D. students and postdocs

I was gratified to receive the campus-wide Graduate Mentoring Award in 2020. To find more information about my broader “academic family,” visit my genealogy entry.


in alphabetical order

Xing Gao
Ph.D. in Mathematics, in progress (co-advised with Yu Cheng)
Saeed Hajizadeh
Ph.D. in Mathematics, in progress (co-advised with Haihao Lu)
Thomas Maranzatto
Ph.D. in Mathematics, in progress
Neshat Mohammadi
Ph.D. in Computer Science, in progress (co-advised with Anastasios Sidiropoulos)


in reverse chronological order

Aditya Potukuchi
Research Assistant Professor (postdoc), 2020 -- 2022 (co-mentored with Will Perkins)
discrete mathematics, probability theory, analysis of algorithms, coding theory, data science

current position: Assistant Professor at York University
(York University was Aditya's first employer after UIC.)
Shelby Heinecke
Ph.D. Mathematics, 2020
"Resilient Structures and Robust Machine Learning Algorithms"

current position: Research Scientist at Salesforce
(Salesforce was Shelby's first employer after UIC.)
Mano Vikash Janardhanan
Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2019
"Algorithms for Learning Networks and Learning from Networks"

current position: Quantitative Researcher in Balyasny Asset Management
first position: Applied Research Scientist at Lifion by ADP
Benjamin Fish
Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2018
"New Models and Algorithms for Data Analysis"

current position: Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan
first position: Postdoctoral Researcher at MSR Montréal and the Mila-Quebec AI Institute
Yi Huang
Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2017
"Problems in Learning under Limited Resources and Information"

current position: Scientific Staff at Brookhaven National Laboratory
first position: Postdoctoral Scholar at University of Chicago
Ádám D. Lelkes
Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2017 (co-advised with György Turán)
"Algorithms and Complexity Results for Big Data"

current position: Software Engineer at Google Research
(Google Research was Ádám's first employer after UIC.)
Li Wang
Research Assistant Professor (postdoc), 2015 -- 2017
mathematical optimization, tensors, large-data, machine learning

current position: Assistant Professor at University of Texas at Arlington
(UT Arlington was Li's first employer after UIC.)
Jeremy Kun
Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2016
"Graphs, New Models, and Complexity"

current position: Software Engineer at Google
first position: Bitcoin Protocol Engineer at 21 Inc.