Lev Reyzin

As of Fall 2012, I am an Assistant Professor in the MCS group within the Math (MSCS) Department at UIC. I also have a courtesy appointment in Computer Science. My research interests span the theory and practice of machine learning, network and data science, and optimization.

Consider applying to our Ph.D. program. We have a strong faculty and are located in the heart of a great city.


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Ben Fish, Ph.D. in progress
Yi Huang, Ph.D. in progress
Jeremy Kun, Ph.D. in progress


UIC MCS 590: Foundations of Data Science (Spring 2015)
UIC MCS 548: Mathematical Theory of Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2014)
UIC MCS 441: Theory of Computation I (Spring 2014, Spring 2013)
UIC MCS 521: Combinatorial Optimization (
Fall 2013)
GaTech CS 8803/MATH 8833: Discrete Fourier Analysis and Applications (Spring 2012)


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